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How To Find The Right Wattage For Your PSU

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PSU’s or the power supply units are one of the most rarely discussed peripherals of a computer. The PSU’s have a complex system and are responsible for the well-being of the whole system. In order to ascertain that there are no performance issues with the system, one should study power requirements of their system.

Here is a step by step guide to select the right wattage for your PSU.

Determine Wattage

The first step in the selection process is preparing a list of all the peripherals that the system has. Make sure you include every component as every single component consumes a little amount of power that adds up to become a large energy requirement. Start with the mother board, processor, RAM, Graphics card, to every single component that your system has.

Calculate Wattage

One way to calculate the total wattage is to look for the wattage of the individual components and then add them up to determine the total wattage. However, there is a better painless way of doing the same. There are many online portals that provide free calculators which calculate the power requirements of your PC.

Selecting The Suitable Power Range

When you have determined the power usage of the PC, you have to do further calculations to select the right PSU for your PC. There are three considerations in determining the perfect PSU for your PC.

• Efficiency

When selecting the PSU make sure that you choose the energy efficient PC Power Supply Units only. The PSU’s have a sticker or an indicating value printed on the box, always select the box that says 80 PLUS in terms of energy efficiency. Never buy a PC power supply unit without this energy efficiency certification. PC’s work for several hours a day and by using an inefficient PSU, you will be wasting a great amount of precious energy.

• Efficient Range

When you select the right PC, you need to understand that the efficiency can further be enhanced by keeping the operating wattage of the PC between 40 to 80 percent of the maximum wattage of the PC. So, if you have minimum energy requirements of 300 watts, it is best to buy systems with efficiency above 500 watts to ensure that you system never goes below 40% threshold and above 80% threshold at the same time.

• Future Upgrades

When we build a PC we keep some components for the future, like a high end graphics card that we cannot afford while building the PC. In such cases, one should also consider the configuration after such upgrades. If you choose a PSU twice the current power requirements of the system, it is assured that any change on the current configuration will never exceed the 80% efficiency threshold.

The step by step guide is prepared to give you a very clear understanding of the energy requirements of the system, how to determine the correct requirements and how to choose the right PC power supply unit for your PC.

It is recommended to never buy a PC power supply that comes from an unreliable vendor. It is best to get a PSU from one of the top vendors of the market. PSU’s are the lifeline of the peripherals, an issue with the PSU can damage your whole system or its peripherals. So, never buy an unreliable or unfamiliar brand.