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Gaming RAMs VS. Ordinary RAMs – What’s So Special About Gaming RAMs

Posted by Kasadin on 2015-09-25 with No Comments

Gaming enthusiasts want the best for their Gaming Rig’s. They make no compromises when building their gaming Rig’s. Gamers are passionate about gaming and their rigs are their only weapon in the gaming world. Gaming peripherals cost way more than normal computer peripherals and Gaming RAMs are no different.

Gaming RAMs are a different market segment, they are priced way above the popular RAMs of the same capacity. However, there is a huge fandom of these gaming RAM’s. When one compares these RAM’s on websites against a regular RAM, they do not find any difference. This is because the unique features offered by gaming RAMs are not on those comparison charts.

Here, is a review of special features that Gaming RAM’s offer. Backed by these features, gaming memory have a great market share amid a premium price.

• Shock Proof

Most gaming RAM’s are designed for harsh conditions, some manufacturers claim to use military grade materials for the manufacturing of these RAMs. Shock proof RAM is a necessity for games who continuously jump out of excitement or beat their desk on their failures while gaming. A gaming PC suffers a lot of shocks which we do not even notice.

• Overclocking

The gaming RAMs come with an option for overclocking. A necessary feature for people playing games and requires huge system requirements that consume a great run time memory. Overclocking is not limited to gaming; there are a great number of applications of overclocked systems. A normal RAM cannot be overclocked or has a complex mechanism for overclocking.

• Lifetime Warranty

Considering the usage environment, it is a necessity for the manufacturers of gaming RAMs to offer a lifetime warranty. It ensures the gamers that their investment is well protected for a good period of time. A normal RAM comes with a one or two year warranty, most gamers face trouble with their RAMs after the warranty period forcing them to purchase new memory.

• Extended Cooling Surface

A gaming RAM is often covered in a larger shell, usually a designer shell that makes the RAM look stylish and make you feel like a pro gamer. However, there is a scientific use for that shell. The shell provides a larger surface area for cooling. The shell ensures that the RAM cools down at a much faster rate and remains cool even after long overnight hauls of extreme gaming.

• Better Frequency

Although, simple frequency are also available in the simple RAMs, the gaming RAMs always have a very high frequency. A better frequency gives the RAM a better response rate leading to a better gaming experience. Frequency is also associated with game lag; a RAM with a better frequency offers a much better response time and reduces the lag in the system.

• Higher FPS

Gamers measure the performance of their hardware with the FPS or Frames Per Second they get in the gameplay. A better FPS gives the gamers a better experience and increases their level of excitement. Gaming RAMs are known to offer better FPS than ordinary RAMs.

• Other

There are more applications of gaming RAMs like in data processing units used for complex computations which are very resource intensive processes.


Gaming is a very resource intensive activity; you need system with great response rate to ensure that there is no lag in the system. A little lag in the game gives your opponents an edge over you in the game.

These differences in the features and utility give gaming RAMs an edge over normal RAMs and the high level of enthusiasm of gamers helps them achieve huge sales figures.